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Equal Access Campaign

Mission Statement

To promote accessibility throughout Westchester County by actively engaging county government, businesses and other local stakeholders in workshops and discussions for the purpose of providing education about ADA (American with Disabilities) law, financial resource information, and technical assistance toward compliance with the law.


  • Westchester County Human Rights Commission
  • Westchester County Office for the Disabled
  • Westchester County Department of Senior Programs and Services
  • Westchester County Tourism & Film
  • Westchester Independent Living Center, Inc.


  1. Promote Equal Access/accessibility - its practicality, benefits, and ramifications - throughout Westchester County
  2. Utilize Disability Awareness and ADA training workshops to train local businesses and stakeholders to assist them in understanding how to come into compliance with ADA and Title III laws
  3. Develop a Resource Guide for distribution to local businesses, including financial resource information for funding that can be used to make environmental modifications to their business
  4. Minimize complaints, reduce litigation, and resolve access issues in a timely fashion

To find out how you can make your business accessible to individuals with disabilities, contact:

Westchester Independent Living Center
200 Hamilton Avenue, 2nd Floor
White Plains, New York 10601
914-682-3926 (Voice)
914-682-8518 (Fax)
866-933-5390 (VP/TTY)

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