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    Bus service in Westchester County is provided by the Bee-Line Bus System (operated by the Westchester County Department of Transportation) both within Westchester and to Manhattan.

    Bee-Line Bus

    ParaTransit and Guest Ridership-
    Any person who is a registered rider with a ParaTransit Service in the United States is eligible to utilize other ParaTransit systems as a GUEST RIDER. All the person needs to do is as follows:
    • Have their ParaTransit service forward their ridership information over to the new service they wish to use.
    • The new ParaTransit service will then add the rider into their data base as a guest rider for a total of 21 days of service.
    • The individual would then be responsible to contact the new ParaTransit system and become familiar with their policies and also obtain their Rider ID Number.

    Please note that all ParaTransit systems throughout the country follows specific ADA mandates while also having their own policies on top of the mandates.

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